6th Annual International Testing Conference in the heart of Europe

Every year, we address several aspects which plays a role in increasing the quality in software, including Testing Aspects, Social Skills, and development.  The impact of those aspects are subject to debate. This year, sessions will include:  Keynotes featuring recognized thought-leaders In-depth half- and full-day workshops Participating in the “Testing Cup“ Conference sessions, interactive sessions, lab-sessesion covering major testing issues and solutions by “doing” The Expo, bringing you the latest in testing solutions by our exhibitors Networking events including

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  • Conference testimonials


    • Lisa Crispin1351368974_100x120_btd2014

      Lisa Crispin 

      Only at Belgium Testing Days will you find a theme such as "Testing vs. QA - Does it matter?" personified by two leading testing experts dressed in appropriate costumes, collecting opinions via iPad that are displayed on giant monitors in the community and expo area! Yes, Belgium Testing Days goes outside the usual conference "box", daring to delve into controversial areas in controversial ways! At the same time, the conference supports diverse testing communities. In 2012, they provided space for a "rebel" testing group to meet in the evening and break some new software testing ground. I've learned so much at Belgium Testing Days in past years, and I won't miss it in 2013!

    • IMG_6707_small

      David Vandervoort

      The first conference day was concluded with some improvisational theatre and a lovely dinner to provide the perfect chill out. The three Inspinazie team members used random keywords supplied by the public to create a very amusing and sometimes confrontational performance. These two days gave us enough food for thought to last us another year.”

    • Attendee

      This year's theme was: 'QA versus Testing! Antagonism or Symbiosis'. The most important goal of the conference: share knowledge, get the discussion started. The one thing that stuck out and came back in almost every presentation was 'communication'. How should we communicate? Which steps do we go through? What qualifies as good communication? Which skills do we need?

    • We enjoyed the many keynotes, especially the ones by Susan Windsor on 'How to deliver value from Test Assurance' and Stefaan Luckermans' 'Janssen of Janssens, Thomson or Thompson, Dupont ou Dupond?'. Very entertaining presentations with good practical tips and refreshing insights.

    • Attendees

      “We attended the second 'Belgium Testing Days' in Brussels. We went to the 2011 edition and this year's programme immediately convinced us to sign up again. There has been a lot of discussion within the testing scene about our exact role. Are we QA engineers? Are we testers? Which title covers our responsibilities best? And what are those exactly? Are we in charge of quality in general, or do we merely make sure everyone around us delivers good quality? An interesting starting point for this 2-day conference.

    • Daniel_Maslyn_100x120_btd2014

      Daniel Maslyn

      "I highly recommend this conference for anyone who is interested in quality and the impacts that testing in its many facets has in this ever growing and changing domain. The BTD is growing and getting better each year and shows no sign of letting up. Become part of that momentum as I did and I am sure you will return again as there is no looking back once you see there awaits so much to look forward to each year.

    • Mario Peeters

      As the tutorial was highly interactive, it was a unique opportunity to share thoughts on the topic.  And of course it was a pleasure to meet Lisa Crispin in the flesh.  Can’t wait till the next edition…

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